Dividing the Word of Truth.

Jesus is the LORD Thy God

Discover the (LORD) throughout the bible.
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The LORD in the Old Testament.
Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers
Deuteronomy Psalms Isaiah Judges
Ruth 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1 Kings
The LORD In 2 King 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles Ezra
The LORD In Nehemiah Job Jeremiah  Lamentations
Ezekiel Daniel Hosea Joel
Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah
Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai
Zechariah Malachi

The (LORD) in the New Testament.
Matthew Mark Luke John
Acts Romans 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians
Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians
1 Thessalonians 2 Thessalonians 1 Timothys 2 Timothys
Titus Philemon Hebrew James
1 Peter 2 Peter 1 John 2 John
3 John Jude Revelation

The Bible is based on key words.
Creator God Created Almighty God Power
Create Made Maker Maketh
Built Formed Framed Establish
Established Created

He It Is This Is He I Am He It is I
That He Is

Continue Remain


Your Faith



Fine Found
Feast Firstfruit 

Seeketh Seeking Seek Search

Eternal Everlasting For ever Ever more
Without End

One God God Is God Said The Living God
I am with you always

Christ Jesus Jesus Christ LORD Jesus LORD Jesus Christ
In the LORD LORD Is. LORD Jesus Spirit of the LORD
One Lord  Spirit of the LORD Bless the LORD
I am the LORD In the name of the LORD Thus saith the LORD Serve the LORD
LORD God of Israel Praise The LORD Trust in the LORD
The Prepare ye the way Before the LORD LORD Appeared LORD your God

His Name My Name Name's Sake In the Name

Presence His Presence The Presence My Presence

Proceed Sent Me I come I came

Kingdom of God Kingdom of Heaven

Commandment Commandments My Word Ordinances

Disciple Disciples My Word


Lay Laid

Love Loved Lovingkindness

Like Liken Likeness The Same



Be Not Afraid Fear Not

My Heart My Body My Sanctuary My Stay
My Son My Praise My Master My Judge
My Maker My Comfort My Hope My Refuge
My Delight My Wisdom My King My Shelter
My Friend My Commandments My Fountain My Helper
My Bridegroom My Beloved My Soul My Life
My Strength My Fortress My Deliverer My Rock
My Shield My Salvation My Righteousness

Thy Word Patience Comfort Hope

Prophet Prophecies Prophesied

Receive Receiveth Received

Meekness Patience

Anoint Anointing Anointed Oil

Without Blemish

Verily True Truth

Glory Glorify

Tabernacle Temple Body Cup


Live Alive Liveth Living

Sanctify Sanctified Sanctification


Deny Himself

Follow Me

Holy Spirit Holy Ghost His Spirit Partakers
The Gift Comforter

A Sign


Baptized Baptize Baptizing

Rock Stone Corner Stone

The Will I Will His Will My Will

The Glory House of GodRaised Up

Serve Serve Him Serve Me Servant

Gospel of Christ

Disciple My Disciples Disciples Servant
Ministers Teacher Preacher Pastors
Prophets Apostles


My People His People

Gospel of God Gospel of Christ

Prove Proveth

Sing Unto

The Gift

The day of Are Not

God the Father

Eternal Life

Chosen You

Ye shall say He shall say

In Christ Jesus

With Gladness

I Make

They Shall Come Shall Come


No Rest

My Name In The Name

Vow Oath

Two Tables

Heaven and Earth Heaven and the Earth

My Spirit Comforter

Angel of the LORD Angel

All Things

By Me
By Jesus By Christ Through Jesus Through Christ

Come Up Up Unto God God Took Taken Up
Come Forth

Tried Try Tribulation Sacrifice
Suffer Refine Trouble

Peace Rest Grace Mercy

Please Pleasing Pleased Pleasure

Silver and Gold

Foundation of the world

Will Of The will of God

In the Spirit Spirit of Of the Spirit Of God
Of Christ Spirit of God His Spirit My Spirit

Of the World

Write Writing Written Publish
Wrote Record

Thyself Myself Unto Himself

Manifest Manifested Manifestation

Shew Show Reveal Revealed

My Father The Father God the Father From the Father



In a Dream


Redeemed Redeemer Redeem Redeemeth
Redeeming Redemption Purchase Bought

My Words His Word The Word Thy Word

Save Saved Saviour Salvation

Worship Worshipped Worshipping Praise
Praising Magnify Magnified Exalt
Honour Lifted Proclaim Proclaimed
Proclaiming Honour Lifted Teach
Teaching Teacher Taught Preach
Preaching Said Say Saying
Saith Sake Speak Speaking
Spoke Spoken Spoke Spoken

Edify Edified Edification Declare

Tell Us

Him not

Crown Crowned

Put On Put Away

Bless Blessed Blessing Blessed Is He

Righteousness Righteous Holiness Holy
Holy One Without Spot Without Blemish

Glory Of Of Glory From Glory His Glory
My Glory


Sons of God Children of God

Work Works Wonderful Wonderful Works